Monday, March 15, 2010

Bob and Jeanette

So I am blogging this evening about Bob and Jeanette, that is Bob and Jeanette Speckhart. I really don't know where to begin. They are such a blessing to me as a pastor. I wish that every guy that ever pastored would have a "Bob & Jeanette" in his congregation.

I was again reminded of their value and contribution this past week in their absence. Jeanette was on a mission to Carolina.... potty training one of her v.i.p's. As I was talking to Bob just this evening, I shared with him that for us they are like the person who warms up the car so when everyone gets in they are not only comfortable but ready to go. See, Bob and Jeanette are first arrivers at every service. They open the doors, make the coffee, turn on the lights, and have smiles waiting for our starting line up. They are generally here before the pastors, singers, and teachers.... they get us going and it passes through the entire building.

Not only do Bob and Jeanette warm up the car, they make the car go faster. Our church has changed so much and so rapidly in the past few years. Most people want to apply the brakes when a corner is waiting ahead. NOT Bob and Jeanette.... I think they both have a hidden love for speed. They amaze me with their service to the Lord and their willingness to change and move forward for the cause of Christ. I pray that I always move ahead in God's path quickly and without hesitancy (just like them).

Finally, Bob and Jeanette understand that a crucial part of having a great race is taking care of the car-care details. They are constantly aware of overlooked details of ministry and they are more than willing to fill in the gaps no matter how unnoticed it may be. Turning off lights, cleaning up the kitchen, sorting through old files - none of these "maintenance" tasks are too insignificant for the Speckharts. And each of them keeps the ministry running smoothly.

They take mission trips a couple of times a year. He is a greeter at our church, works on the mission team, serves a our comp controller on a volunteer basis, and does hospital visitation. Jeanette is an active member of CWA, mission team member, key board player on the praise team, and runs our hospitality center in common grounds on Sundays.

Oh, did I happen to mention that Bob is 72 and Jeanette is 69.

We are blessed to have these partners in ministry at Columbus Road. Don't quit the race! Keep doing your part! You may be blessing your pastor.