Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Experiences vs. Things

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Creating memories through experiences is a great idea. My wife, Lisa, and I have been creating experiences for our family from the very beginning. We have made many memories, and this Christmas was no exception!

Spending money on stuff is appropriate and acceptable, but creating experiences provides countless valuable opportunities to discover, interact, and share with family members.

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I read an article this week entitled, "People Who Spend Money on Experiences Instead of Things are Much Happier." The article provided research which indicated that people devalue many of their purchases after having made them. It also revealed that people get caught in the trap of following buying trends and ultimately make purchases that they later regret.

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Lisa and I have found that using our resources to create and provide new experiences with our family is invaluable. We have no regrets in foregoing expensive purchases in order to make memories. We look for activities, events, and experiences that we all can enjoy. Our family has sat many times at the kitchen table planning and preparing the next experience.

If you start the practice when your children are young, it will carry through adulthood. I know this because I learned from the best, my father-in-law. He created experiences for his family by way of work opportunities and family vacations that brought them all closer. These experiences were so impacting and beneficial that I wanted to continue on in a way that uniquely fit within my own family.

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Every family is different. Some people like to travel; others like games. Are you making memories, or merely buying stuff? Are your gifts and purchases for all to enjoy, or are they individual and can only be used by one person?