Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Catfish !!

Check out the cool shirt

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Fellowship Equals Partnering

Columbus Road is a special place with special people. It is not a perfect place with perfect people,  of that we are well aware. These special people took advantage of a sunny summer day to eat a meal and fellowship with one another. It was a great time together.

The Food is Always good!
We were reminded earlier that day, from Acts 2:42-47, that followers of Christ have a common bond. We are placed in the body of Christ to partner together for the gospel. Our stories, experiences, gifts, abilities, strengths, and weaknesses are placed together for the glory of God. No person can do this life alone. God strategically places us together to grow closer to others and to Himself.

People from every walk of life can experience fellowship. It requires a bigger vision than one's self. Common vision produces results that individuals can never achieve on their own. We partner together to impact the lost and encourage our brothers and sisters not to give up on the journey of life. People benefit greatly when they share themselves, offering to others what God has given them.

Leaders in Training
We invest in the lives of others to insure that the message goes out into the world today and in the future. Ministry is a privilege and an honor, not to mention rewarding. What better thing could someone do than to leave a footprint for Christ in their community! No amount of money, success, or status matches our calling.

Be Thankful !
Be thankful for what you have. Columbus Road has so many gifted people who are willing to use their gifts and abilities for the Lord. Thank you, Shane and Jenni Wingerter, for the wonderful sandwiches. Thanks to all who brought dishes to pass, and thank you, Stephen Cullo, for capturing the day with these wonderful pictures. These are the good ol' days!