Thursday, August 18, 2011

A Paradox

Matt and I decided back in the spring to take another wilderness trip. This meant hiking and camping in the wild somewhere and somehow over the summer break. He decided to travel with a soccer ministry over the summer so our window of opportunity to go on this trip was limited.

We decided that we would go to Mark Twain National Forest in Missouri. Last Thursday morning off we went with all our gear and time for a three day adventure. It took about five hours to get to the park. We jumped out of the car and hiked into the woods.

After a 6 mile hike, we came to the conclusion that the best place to camp was by a stream six miles back. So we went back to the perfect spot to camp. Quickly we set up camp...tent, fire, food, coffee.

It was the perfect night. We talked, laughed and played. It was a blast!!

The next morning we decided to hike out and find a place where we could canoe and camp.
It didn't take us to long to realize that there were no outfitters who provided that option. We found one where we could take a day trip so into the canoe we went. It was so peaceful. We took a trip down the Upper Meremac. We only saw four people the entire time.


I asked Matt, 'What sounds good?" He said, "Bluegrass music". I told him that we could go to Branson, which was about 200 miles away. Our adventure had just taken a right turn. We jumped into the car headed to the Bass Pro Shop in Springfield, Missouri. We were dirty and had no clothing for a bluegrass concert.

$90.00 later we walked out of BPS with outfits that would match a bluegrass concertgoer.
We had about two hours to get tickets, a motel, and a shower and get back to the concert hall.

We found a motel with only one room left, showered quickly and were ready with a couple of minutes to spare. We went to see the Cleverlys at the Oak Ridge Boys auditorium. This was a first for both of us. To say it mildly, we had a BLAST!!! The group was very entertaining and Matt got his bluegrass fix.

We were hungry. I told Matt that we could eat where he wanted to go. He picked Landry's. It is a fine dining $20.00 a plate, candlelit, white table cloth, $8.00 desert kind of place. We sat down and he looked at the menu. I wish I had a picture of that. We ate and went back to the motel.

We ended up in the Lake of the Ozarks on the way back -

from hiking and camping to concert...

from dirty, smelly clothes to new BPS duds...

from tent to a motel with two queen size beds...

from oatmeal t0 angel hair pasta with shrimp and scallops...

Now that is an adventure......