Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Are you going to church...or serving the body?

Why do you attend church? Do your words indicate that you play the role of a church consumer?

"I like the music." 
"The preaching is good." 
"They have good programs." 
"I can get in and get out and still have a free day on the weekend."

There is a most alarming trend in western culture that approaches church body life from a self-centered perspective. The Bible makes it very clear that members of the body of Christ are to serve one another. This has become a foreign concept in churches today.

Time and time again I speak to people who attend churches in which they are not involved, they do not serve, and they practically know no one. People can be surrounded by many and yet feel very alone. Some would admit that this is exactly what they are looking for, even in church....to be unknown...to remain anonymous. This desire to be anonymous comes from the evil one, whose lies lead people to defeat and doubt. Satan cannot steal a person's position in Christ, but he can certainly discourage the believer.

Ministry Fair Sign-Ups: These people know the importance of serving!

The Bible makes it very clear that we all have gifts given to us by God for the benefit of the body. First Peter 4:10 states,

God has given each of you a gift. Use it to help each other. This will show God’s loving-favor.

Could it be that many miss the point of what we are to be doing as a church? To take care of your physical body requires attention, work, and time. This mirrors key elements of body life in the church. It is impossible to show God's loving favor to others without giving time, attention, and service to your church family. We find meaning and purpose in our lives when we are useful to our Lord. Those who serve experience what it's like to be part of something bigger than themselves.

God created the church for us to live out our new life in Christ. This new life of a servant demands that we become selfless.

Align with the scriptures. Find a church body where you can use your gifts and abilities for His glory..and then begin to serve.