Thursday, November 10, 2016

When God Shows Up

How about some good news.... God was at our house last week. I know... I know, what you are thinking.  Shouldn't He be there all the time? Unfortunately, it isn't that God suddenly shows up but rather an issue of me recognizing His presence.

We have a Maytag dryer that began having problems during the summer. Our repairman told us that the timer had gone bad. He looked everywhere for a replacement but was having a hard time finding one. We took laundry to the laundromat to dry for about a week. Then someone in our house thought they would try to dry something and the ole Maytag began to work again.

Fast forward to November... the dryer stopped drying clothes. Lisa and I knew that it was a moment for decisions. The first time around we could not have the machine repaired because the part was not available. We were going to have to replace it.... right?

This is where some crazy stuff happens.... We had decided on the day that the dryer stopped drying that we would purchase another one before the following Thursday. This would give us a little time while we burned through our wardrobes. Wednesday was the day that I decided to make the purchase.

On Wednesday morning, I received a phone call from the repairman, yes the dryer repairman from back in June. He said, "Bob, the strangest thing happened today. The part that I was looking for to fix your dryer showed up on my front step this morning. I don't even know if you still own the machine, but I thought I would call and check."

I couldn't believe it. The very day that we were going to buy another one and this happens! I told him if he could come right over and put in the new part, we would take it. Five minutes later he showed up and within a couple minutes we were back in business. 

He said because it took him so long to get the part, he wouldn't charge us for the service call. It is amazing when things happen. People are quick to give karma, luck or coincidence the credit. I reject those ideas and embrace God's sovereign care for us.