Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Glenn The Lawn Care Guy

Have you ever thought about what it will be like when you're..... let's say 79? I have been at a Bob Evans in Florida before eleven a.m. That is one impression I have of what people do at that age.. they shop for senior meal discounts. I have envisioned sitting in a big recliner and watching endless television shows with five thousand choices from a satellite. Occasionally I think of sitting in a senior center playing bridge or chess with a group of other seniors. None of these options really look too appealing to me.

I know one guy though who has taken an entirely different route. He is 79 and uses his hours and days in a totally different way. He uses his time and abilities for others. This guy takes care of a five acre plot of land on the corner of Columbus Road and 36th street in Quincy, Illinois. Yip - you heard me right, 79 and doing all of the lawn care for the Columbus Road church family.

Since I arrived six years ago, he has faithfully mowed, trimmed, fertilized and manicured our church lawn. For those of you who haven't seen it... it looks great!!! He is amazing with the time and attention he puts into this part of our ministry. Daily he is at work on some aspect of his ministry. He works tirelessly until it is just right...nearly perfect.
He has recently been growing new grass, fixing low spots, trimming, and edging. He even encourages the grass to grow more by fertilizing and cutting it all the time...ha. It is no exaggeration to say that Glenn is one of the most dedicated workers of our entire church family.
So back to the question...what will it be like for you at 79? When I get to be 79, I sure hope that my time and my life are dedicated like Glenn's are. I don't want to be finding ways to save my money or spend my money at that age... Glenn, I wanna be like you when I grow up.