Monday, December 15, 2014

Learning From the Best

A Doe Hunt Last December
What is it like to hunt and fish with Mike Roux on a regular basis?  I have had this unique privilege for nearly ten years.   I became Mike's pastor at that time; before that I had done little fishing or hunting. Mike turned this city-slicker from Ohio into a crazed hunting and fishing junkie in no time. I have, to Mike's credit, taken three world-class turkeys, several trophy bass, countless does, and a half dozen bucks. My largest buck taken to date was this archery season.  I have learned so much from Mike. Time and time again, he has modeled how to be successful at his sport. I want to share four things about Mike that you will find useful in gaining success.
1.  Mike thoroughly enjoys what he does.
I never ceased to be amazed by Mike’s passion and excitement for hunting and fishing. In a recent conversation about our Illinois deer hunting prospects, he said “I am so excited about the potential on this farm. We have captured twelve different bucks on our trail cams. We are going to have so much fun!” Now, you have to put this in perspective. Mike has been hunting for over forty years. I do not know many people who have been doing something for forty years and still get this excited. As Mike explains our next adventure together, his voice accelerates with excitement when he lays out the details of the hunting or fishing trip. I am not sure which he likes most… my hunch all of it!
2.  Mike puts the time in by showing up.
Mike taught me very quickly that showing up is 90% of success. He consistently can be found in the field or on the water when in-season. Few people spend more time outdoors than Mike. He says regularly of the wildlife, “They are everywhere more than anywhere else.” In other words, the wildlife live in the wild….everywhere.  Most people miss out on that elusive trophy simply because they don’t spend enough time in the field.
3.  Mike pays attention to the details.
No matter what you set out to do, you must have a program. Mike has one of the most elaborate hunting and fishing programs anywhere.  Not only does he have an overall program but sub-programs for archery, shotgun, rifle, and muzzle loader deer seasons. He has a turkey program, a waterfowl program, a small game program, and an entire fishing program. These methods didn't happen for Mike in a week, but rather, they have been formed over a lifetime. Mike is meticulous about putting into place techniques to reduce human error in the field. He is constantly "on me" about my program and instructing me in how to improve in order to be successful.
4.  Mike is not afraid to try something new.
Most people get stuck in their ways. People who are successful tend to be even more stuck in their ways. You have heard the saying, “Don’t mess with success.” But Mike understands the importance of adapting in order to remain successful. I am constantly amazed with the changes Mike makes with his tactics, program, and equipment.  Regularly, I get statements from Mike like, “I have to show you my new so-and-so,” or, “I changed up my entire program. You gotta see my such-and-such.”

It's no accident that Mike's wisdom finds its way into outdoor publications. He is a true professional. I have learned much from him and will continue to do so. Here is Mike's website:

If you want to be excellent at something, find people who do it the best and follow them! 

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

8 Days Later

November 21st, 2014

With my friend John Caldwell

Where Slow is Fast - An Upside Down Christmas

Thanks, Stephen Cullo for the pictures!

An Upside Down Tree