Monday, August 2, 2010


Is it not the most crazy thing to worry? We worry about so many different things at so many levels. We worry about our children, our jobs, our health, the health of others, the economy, the environment, and even the condition of the world.

You know exactly what I am talking about. The thoughts come rolling into our minds immediately after a situation or circumstance occurs that remains unsolved and unsolvable at that moment. As we start mentally examining all of the scenarios, our thoughts start gaining speed and rolling down hill. With each new potential disastrous outcome the speed picks up and more impending doom attaches itself to a big cruddy thought ball.

The more I think about it the worse the adverse possibilities get. Worry then is at full speed with thoughts of my world crashing - totally consuming me. Ever been there? Or would the better question be - been there this week?

Okay, maybe you are now wanting to know what I was worried about.

I received a call last Tuesday evening late. It was 11:45 PM and I was in bed. The phone rings and Matt's name comes up on the screen. I think to myself, "No deal, he is probably just looking for me to answer a question or help fund his happy life." Strangely Matt's roommate Mike (our adopted son) answers. Exact words... " Papa Bob, Matt's not doin' so good ". Fear, worry, concern all came rushing in.

He went on to tell me that Matt was in the hospital because he had become dehydrated during practice. From four thirty until about nine, he was not able to hold anything down. Mike in his youthful wisdom, convinced Matt it was time to head to the E.R. When we talked, Mike assured me that Matt was going to be released and that things were looking up.

Three liters of I.V. later, Matt was good to go and ended up eating out at the Huddle House in Greenville at 3:00 a.m. after the whole ordeal. (I think that is hilarious) For me it was not that simple. As we hung up the phone, all the thoughts came crashing in. Questions about what to do? Who to call? Could I talk with anyone? Then the second tier of thoughts came in....the bad ones.

Is he gonna be okay? Could he have problems tomorrow? Will he manage his body better? Could he die? You know the drill. It started to become so big, heavy and fast moving. In a very quiet moment, I was reminded that God is in complete control and that the best care Matt would ever need, God would supply. I was reminded of the many times where I let my thoughts run wild for no reason. I was reminded how worry, doubt, and fear originate from the evil one and not my Father.

Two verses came to mind as I began to fade into sleep knowing that I would find out in the morning the rest of the story. Philippians 4:8 - which in my words tells us to think about things God want us to think about and not what the enemy has designed. The second one is II Corinthians 10:4-5. This verse tells me to turn over every thought to God by not allowing the bad ones into my mind. Kinda like having a security guard for my mind not allowing the bad stuff in. So yes, I was worried this week.... for just a few minutes. Then God's gentle voice changed my thought process. Will I let crazy worries in again? Probably. But I pray that God's reminder will return to my mind a little quicker each time.