Thursday, June 27, 2013

Wednesday Nights at Columbus Road

Saturday, June 15, 2013


Many Hands Make Light Work
Columbus Road just completed Vacation Bible School last week. Our VBS ministry is quite different from most in that our teens have a great deal to do with this program. Former pastor Jeff Westcott designed and implemented a program that we call S.M.I. (Student Missionary Internship). S.M.I. is a discipleship ministry that trains teens to serve in the local church. As part of the S.M.I curriculum, the teens plan and execute a VBS program. Each aspect of ministry is done, start to finish, by the teens.

They are responsible for planning, decorating, purchasing and implementing the VBS program. I am so impressed with the commitment and dedication shown by each of the young people involved. Our S.M.I. summer ministry takes place not only at C.R., but also at our church plant in Pittsfield, Illinois.  The students provide the same VBS there during the second week of July.

I came across some interesting pictures this week. Each one of the pictures is of young people who led some aspect of VBS this year, and who were also participants in my first VBS at Columbus Road eight years ago. God has moved these young people from being spectators, to participants, to servants in just eight years. Take a look:

Madison Now
Madison Then
Ben Now
Ben Then
Collin Now
Collin Then