Wednesday, April 30, 2014

The Well House of Quincy, Illinois

Some of the best things happening in Quincy are often overlooked. The are a variety of reasons why this happens. Usually, the people involved in doing good things are not looking for attention from others, but rather, they are about the business of making a difference.


My wife, Lisa, and I recently had the opportunity to sit down for a meal  with a group of ladies at The Well House. We so enjoyed eating a home-cooked meal prepared for the residents of the facility. Our time was enjoyable. Hearing what God is doing in the lives of these ladies was very encouraging. These women, who have come from all over the country, have found their way to Quincy through various circumstances. God has placed them in The Well House's care to provide a solid foundation to build their future upon.

Here is a brief description of The Well House Ministry.

Who we are: A Christ-centered ministry guiding women exiting incarceration to freedom in Christ.
Our Mission: To provide a safe environment for women transitioning from incarceration to well-balanced community living through…

The Well House ministry began in 1996 at the Adam’s County jail with a team of 12-14 women going in pairs each Saturday morning. The women offered Bible study and prayer and distributed Bibles to the inmates.
Upon release from jail some women received spiritual guidance, furniture for apartments, clothing, and help with utility and rent payments.
Today, the teams are still visiting the jail. Many of the charter women are still serving, as well as numerous new women with a heart for jail ministry. God has made the vision larger, as the needs are so urgent. The women exiting the jail desperately need a stable Christian environment to lay a firm foundation of God-based life skills, to make it possible for them to lead productive lives in our community.


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