Friday, July 8, 2016

Thank You to the Quincy High School Coaching Staff

I just hit a milestone in my soccer life. I have successfully completed my tenure at the Adidas Summer Showcase in Burlington, Iowa. At closest count, I have been to that tournament 24 times over the past twelve years. We moved from Ohio in 2004 and I joined Quincy High School's coaching staff. I have had the privilege to coach both the girls and the boys over the years.

I have coached with Matt Longo, Eric Stratman, Ron Bridal, Andy Hoskins, Chad Hoener, Dick Stewart, Mario Camacho, and Travis Dinkheller. All these men are special friends. We have so many memories together. We have experienced the highs and lows of life on and off the field. These men have coached three of my children: Matt, Madison, and Michaela. Last month was my last trip up to Burlington as parent, with Michaela playing. 

Our children have benefited greatly from the team sport experience. I have seen them grow in confidence, loyalty, work ethic, team work and dedication. This has helped them grow into young people who are better prepared for adulthood. I want to thank these men for their time and efforts.

Many people miss the importance of the slow process of success, as they are focused on the immediate gratification of winning. Winning is great in the moment, but I would trade winning a soccer match any day to see people living successful lives. Because of these coaches, my kids have won in a big way by being Blue Devils.

Dink and I - Livin' the Dream
I will probably make my way back to Burlington in the future, but it will be different. The Burlington tournament was more than soccer to our family. It gave us time to be together as a family and time to be with people who became very special to us!

thanks for the memories....

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